Music Man of Manzanar

A film by Brian T. Maeda

Lou Frizzell came to the Manzanar Relocation Center in 1943 to teach drama and music to the high school students who were interned during World War II. He wanted to make a difference and so it was through his music and plays that he gave hope to these kids who were imprisoned behind barbed wire fences.

The filmmaker’s older brother, Arnold Maeda, was one of Lou Frizzell’s students and the President of the class of 1944.

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The Laemmle Theatre in Pasadena called One Colorado will be screening "Music Man of Manzanar" starting this Friday, August 15 at 12:00 noon to meet the requirements of Academy Award qualification. It will run from Friday thru Thursday at 12:00 noon. This Sunday, August 17 there will be a DVD signing immediately after the screening by Brian T. Maeda, the Director, and his older brother Arnold who is featured in the movie.

The One Colorado Theatre is located at 42 Miller Alley (actually now a small outdoor plaza). You can access it by Union Street (garage parking on the corners for $7, and if you go to the theatre you will be rebated $6). Or park on Colorado Blvd. if you can find a space.

Directions: From Los Angeles take the 10 fwy to downtown and keep on the Pasadena fwy until you come into Pasadena. Keep driving until you hit Colorado Blvd. then turn left. Go a few blocks to Fairoaks; turn right, one block is Union turn left. You will see the back of the Laemmle Theatre and an alley entrance. Park in one of the parking garages across from the theatre. Pay for parking and bring your ticket to the theatre.

Click here for a map to the theatre.

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